Happy New Year

January 1st, 2014

So here we are: a new year is upon us. Best of luck to everyone and I hope everyone has a great and exciting year. Here’s my first photo of 2014. Got it after slipping and sliding my way down to the dock for a view of Woolastook Park.





A Chance Encounter

December 17th, 2013

Here’s a shot of Vietnamese farmer which I took while walking the banks of a rice fields near where we were staying in Hoi An. Shot with my backup camera on this trip, a little Nikon D3100 that I picked up for less than $400 (it ain’t about the camera anymore), this photo almost didn’t happen. At first, I smiled and walked right on by this man, and then I said to myself, you have to photograph him- I went back, smiled again, made the universal without-words gestures for “can I take your picture” and he nodded and gave me this photograph. So glad I talked myself into going back- I’m a people photographer, but people take a lot of energy to photograph and sometimes, in fact, often, I let moments like this slip by. But Vietnam is a welcoming place and going back this time wasn’t so hard a decision to make.



And So Winter Comes Roaring In

December 15th, 2013

We knew it would come and come it has, but this picture is from a previous storm. Just wanted to post it to get me in the mood for today’s blast and then blow. Snow Blow that is. Not that it is a fancy pic but it is one of those where the human element gives you a bit of an idea of the scale of the thing you are looking at and the red, well, everyone knows that red attracts the eye- they say there was a time when NatGeo photographers, or, at least a couple of them, would carry red scarves with them just in case they needed some pop in the photo. I often used a red day pack to liven up a travel shot. Cheers, now out into the storm.


Winter Storm





La Ciudad Perdida

December 13th, 2013

Just taking a look back at some old shoots and came on this one that I shot for Outside magazine (the art directors changed during the shoot and the story never ran, alas). I still remember when this young man wandered into our camp. He just came in, sat down, looked at us for maybe ten minutes without showing any emotion and then got up and left us wondering.


In Cameroon

December 12th, 2013

Well, it has been a while since I last posted, but what can you do- sometimes  you get busy, sometimes you ride your bike.  So let me start anew with this photo of a mental health patient in Cameroon started by and run by a most amazing woman, Yolanda van den Broek  a Dutch woman who has worked as a mental health nurse in some of the toughest and most dangerous parts of Africa. What made this photo so special for me was the way this person turned to the camera and looked at me. No pretense, no posturing, just stillness. And, just to mention that photos like this were almost impossible in the days of film- this was was shot at 5000 ISO on a Nikon D700 and still came out without much noise or blur- hand held in the darkness.


Fiddling Away

November 27th, 2012

What a year it has been. Lots of work that took me all over the Maritimes plus some time in France and Italy, the Caribbean and soon some new work with an NGO in Asia. Can’t wait. And besides all that I managed to log 16,000 k on my S-Works. That’s a number that even I can barely comprehend but, suffice to say, there were many an adventure along the way. But what really made the last two months fun on the bike was the addition of the highly pocketable Canon S100 to my bag of camera goodies. I can drop this puppy into my jersey, not even notice it is there, and make some great photos while spinning away- easy one hand, or no hand, shooting, while on the bike- if I want. Anyway, it became my best biking buddy when everyone else had hung up their wheels to spin indoors.


What We Do

February 15th, 2012

Here’s a photo that was sent to me this morning. I thought I had better share it for those who might not know what photographers really do.

Busy busy busy but still, not to complain, there has been time to ski and swim- not quite tropical but topical. This image is from Los Bordos a poor illegal settlement in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. I was working there for CUSO International. A lot of time has been taken up editing the photos from six weeks of shooting there, so the memories are as strong as they were when I was in the country. I’m doing a presentation at Renaissance College in Fredericton this Wednesday about my experiences there. Sure to bring back a few more memories.



The Biking is Done (for 2011)

December 30th, 2011

A great day today. A great day yesterday. Nine below or five below and sunny is perfect for hiding in the woods and spinning a mountain bike. The four k. to get to Woolastook was a bit chilly- windy to be sure, but once inside the park and working the trails all was well. Icy in some parts, but usually room enough to use the crusty snow to stay upright and lots of room to do loops and let’er rip when the trail opened up. So that be that according to the weather man for 2011. A great year that taps out at 8950 k on the bikes. Not bad, not bad at all. And heck, only two days until the new season starts. Bring it on. Bring it on.



Okay, I got to stretch it out a bit by giving up my toes- but heck I didn’t even know they were frozen till I got home and they started to thaw out. Still, nice to ride until almost the end of December even if the temp was around nine below. Not so cold that I couldn’t get 50 last k in. Yippie. Only a bit over two months till the next go round. Now where did I put that trainer.