A Chance Encounter

Here’s a shot of Vietnamese farmer which I took while walking the banks of a rice fields near where we were staying in Hoi An. Shot with my backup camera on this trip, a little Nikon D3100 that I picked up for less than $400 (it ain’t about the camera anymore), this photo almost didn’t happen. At first, I smiled and walked right on by this man, and then I said to myself, you have to photograph him- I went back, smiled again, made the universal without-words gestures for “can I take your picture” and he nodded and gave me this photograph. So glad I talked myself into going back- I’m a people photographer, but people take a lot of energy to photograph and sometimes, in fact, often, I let moments like this slip by. But Vietnam is a welcoming place and going back this time wasn’t so hard a decision to make.



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