Fiddling Away

What a year it has been. Lots of work that took me all over the Maritimes plus some time in France and Italy, the Caribbean and soon some new work with an NGO in Asia. Can’t wait. And besides all that I managed to log 16,000 k on my S-Works. That’s a number that even I can barely comprehend but, suffice to say, there were many an adventure along the way. But what really made the last two months fun on the bike was the addition of the highly pocketable Canon S100 to my bag of camera goodies. I can drop this puppy into my jersey, not even notice it is there, and make some great photos while spinning away- easy one hand, or no hand, shooting, while on the bike- if I want. Anyway, it became my best biking buddy when everyone else had hung up their wheels to spin indoors.