Fresh Flowers

With a wind chill nearing minus 40C it wasn’t a day that called on me to be outside, camera in hand, but then again the sun was shining and when it hit these tulips that had just passed their best-before date, out came the camera for some playing around. The manual focus 55mm micro lens by Nikon is perfect for these kind of shots- it focuses close and very accurately. Hook it up to a digital camera and the trip from shooting to emailing it out is down to under five minutes- slightly faster than the two weeks I had to wait for Kodachrome to make it back by pony express.

Tulips- A Day Late or... not.

2 Responses to “Fresh Flowers”

  1. GĂ©raldine Says:

    sad sad flowers, don’t die so fast, I promise summer will come back

  2. Bob Squarebriggs Says:

    Damm Brian, you must be some gardner to get tulips to grow this time of year! It’s -25 C outside and there’s three feet of snow on the ground! You sure do a great job of bringing out the beauty of even wilted flowers in your work. Great colour and play on light.